replacing paragraph symbols that are not paragraph marks

Today I opened a text file that contained paragraph symbols when opened in Word, but which when opened in notepad was one long line. Here is the view in Word. Note that there are line breaks before the end of the column. The paragraph symbols therefore appear to be functioning as paragraph marks.


Here is the same section of text opened in Notepad with wordwrap on to fit the text to the window. Note there are no line breaks and if I turned wordwrap off, it would appear as one long line.


For my purposes I needed the document to have line breaks at the places indicated by the paragraph symbols. The document was quite long – some 500 or so line breaks were needed so I didn’t want to do this manually.

At first it seemed like a simple search and replace operation would work. However Word did not recognise the paragraph symbol as either a paragraph mark ^p or a paragraph character ^v when I selected these as options in the find and replace dialogue. I also copied one of the symbols and pasted it into the find box, however it pasted in as a space.

Thanks to Tony Jollans from who posted a solution in a forum:

His suggestion was to use ^013 as the search term and this worked perfectly. I was able to search for all 500 symbols and replace them each with a paragraph mark in one hit. ^013 is the ascii code for a carriage return.