Highlighting text in Word with a full range of colours


Word’s highlighting tool has only 15 colours, many of which are too dark to be useful. You can highlight text using your choice of any colour though using the shading tool. You will see this on the Home ribbon in the Paragraph tools.


Select the text you want to highlight and then choose your colour from the wide range of options or use the More colors tool to customise even further.


Just three things to note which make using this tool slightly different from the highlighting tool.

  1. If your selection also includes a paragraph mark, the whole paragraph will become coloured, not just the sentence you select. Just make sure not to include the paragraph mark (stop at the full stop) if you don’t want this to happen.
  2. To un-highlight you need to use the same shading tool.
  3. You can’t un-highlight a sentence by selecting the whole paragraph and un-shading that. You need to select the sentence itself or part of the paragraph that includes that sentence.